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THE CONTINUED SLIDE OF BLACK LIVES MATTER – OVERNIGHT:  While the mainstream media try to ignore the story, the fact is that BLM is under increasing scrutiny, even from friends, about the way it is run, and who gets the benefits.  From Fox Business: 

Amazon’s charity website has suspended the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF) amid questions about the group’s financial transparency.

AmazonSmile, which donates 0.5% from purchases to designated nonprofits, still lists dozens of local Black Lives Matter (BLM) chapters among its thousands of approved charities, but noticeably absent is the BLMGNF, the national arm of the BLM movement.

"We offer the AmazonSmile program to make it easy for our customers to support their favorite charitable organizations, and we work to offer a broad spectrum of organizations, including those working to end racial injustice," an Amazon spokesperson told Fox News Digital. "States have rules for nonprofits, and organizations participating in AmazonSmile need to meet those rules. Unfortunately this organization fell out of compliance with the rules in several states, so we’ve had to temporarily suspend them from the program until they come into compliance. 

"We hope that happens soon, and in the meantime, customers who have already selected them in AmazonSmile are able to continue supporting them, and we’ll hold any funds accrued until they’re back in compliance."

The suspension was first reported by the Washington Examiner.

The news comes after BLMGNF shut down all of its online fundraising earlier this month following demands by attorneys general in California and Washington state that it submit delinquent financial disclosures for 2020, the Examiner reported. 

COMMENT:  Another case where the press didn't do it job.  We knew very little about BLM when it first caught public attention during the early stages of the Covid 19 virus.  We know very little now.  The mainstream media refuses to ask many questions, and won't even publish the BLM manifesto, a mixture of fanaticism, anti-American, race baiting and anti-Semitism.

Meanwhile, it's hard to find any black life that's been saved, or even improved, by the group.  It looks more and more like a scam.  Black folks will be the ones to suffer.

February 17, 2022