William Katz:  Urgent Agenda







NEW YORK, NEW YORK, A STRUGGLIN' TOWN – OVERNIGHT:   The city, presumably America's urban crown jewel, is in terrible shape.  The ultra-rich who live here, many of whom are European, don't notice.  The real people do.  There is genuine fear that the city will never regain its former vitality.  And the overriding issue is crime.  From the New York Post:   Nearly every single city police precinct has seen spikes in crime so far this year — including five in which the rate has doubled, according to the latest troubling NYPD statistics.
“No neighborhood is safe,” one Brooklyn cop warned Tuesday. “At this rate, we will lose the city by St. Patrick’s Day.”  Seventy-two out of the Big Apple’s 77 police precincts saw crime rise, leaving just five at 2021 levels or dipping below their figures for the same period a year earlier.
The NYPD CompStat numbers show that the 110th Precinct in Elmhurst, Queens, has been battered by the highest jump in crime as of Sunday, with a more than 142 percent increase over last year.
The biggest percentage hikes in the precinct were for grand larcenies, with 197 incidents so far this year after just 43 at the same point in 2021; felony assaults, which rose to 59 from 28, and robberies, with 30 this year compared to 18 last year.  Local masonry contractor Luis Gutierrez blamed the crime spree on the dire economic situation in Corona — and said he’s had enough.
“It gets worse because the prices go up, the rent goes up, the diapers, everything goes up but the jobs,” the father of four told The Post on Tuesday. “My wife is too afraid, so we move to Suffolk [County], Long Island, next month.”  People are pouring out of New York, just as they are pouring out of California.  The political left controls both states, with predictable results.  The virus continues to instill fear.  This country's future increasingly appears tied to the South, the Southwest and the growing states in the heartland, like Tennessee.  Even New Yorkers are moving to places they'd never before considered.  I just hope they don't register to vote when they get there.

February 8,  2022