William Katz:  Urgent Agenda







THE OLYMPICS AREN'T WINNING ANY GOLD MEDALS FOR NBC – FROM BREITBART:   “Thursday’s primetime coverage of the Beijing Winter Olympics averaged 7.25 million viewers on NBC, marking the smallest primetime Olympic audience ever on the network,” reports Sports Media Watch. “The previous low was 8.5 million for the final night of competition at last year’s Tokyo Summer Olympics.”  That’s a 55 percent drop from four years ago when 16 million tuned into the opening night coverage of the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea.  That’s also down a whopping 64 percent from the 2014 Summer Games.  These numbers are beyond a catastrophe, especially after NBC’s Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo last year also earned record low ratings. Those Olympics were widely ridiculed as the Woke Olympics. America tuned that fiasco out because of all the obnoxious left-wing politicking, virtue signaling, and propaganda — most of it performed by smug athletes who failed to win any medals.  At the time, the corporate media tried to gaslight the public into believing the off-putting woketardery had nothing to do with the ratings crash. Instead, they spread a bunch of wild-eyed misinformation, blaming the lack of interest on the China Flu delaying the games for a year — which is laughable. The one-year delay should’ve increased anticipation. What’s more, during the summer of 2021, millions of Americans were still hiding out at home from the pandemic.  Gee, I wonder what the corporate media’s excuse will be for NBC’s record low Genocide Games’ ratings?  There really doesn't seem to be much excitement.  The stands aren't filled with people because of the Covid 19 virus, which is local in China.  How can you have an Olympics without cheers?  The Chinese setting is also a downer.  China has the word "dictatorship" around its neck.  The neck is getting tired.

February 5, 2022