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THE LATEST FROM A ONCE-GLORIOUS CITY – FROM THE NEW YORK POST:  The NYPD was forced to pump the brakes on the arrest of a dangerous ex-con wanted in a Harlem stick-up — the same week that two police officers were killed — after the Manhattan District Attorney’s office initially balked at cops’ request for a “no-knock” warrant, multiple law-enforcement sources told The Post.  Detectives were looking to nab Jaime Brown, who allegedly held up a bodega on Lenox Avenue with two handguns on Dec. 5 — whipping out one of the pistols when he decided the store clerk was taking too long to fork over the cash, according to the sources.  A senior law-enforcement source familiar with Brown’s arrest said this was a “textbook case for a no-knock warrant” because of the suspect’s violent past — notably that he was convicted in a 2018 shooting where he threatened to kill a cop.  But DA Alvin Bragg’s office punted on the Jan. 24 request, saying they didn’t believe they had a case for a “no-knock” warrant, and claiming a judge would never sign off on it — angering cops who said a “knock” warrant would have put their lives in danger.  DA Alvin Bragg declined to grant the “no-knock” warrant the same week two officers were killed in the line of duty.  Public safety will not improve with Bragg still in office.  He's a Soros-funded leftist, as are the D.A.'s in San Francisco Los Angeles, and Chicago.  Like them, he thinks the criminals are simply victims of oppression, and the police are the oppressors.  Good old Marxist stuff.  Hand it to the left – they hit the target when they started focusing on D.A. offices around the country, and hit it again when they further focused on school boards.  The media averted its eyes.

February 3, 2022