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THE DEMS AND THE MEN – FROM THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER:   As Democrats investigate what went wrong in the 2021 elections and what is going wrong heading into the 2022 elections, a familiar pattern is emerging: Men are abandoning the party in droves.  Just this week, snippets from the Democratic Governors Association’s postmortem of the Virginia governor's race were made public , including the report’s conclusion, which read, “We need to address the long-term problems that exist for Democrats with Latinos and black men.”  On background from a source with knowledge of the findings in the memo, the Washington Examiner has obtained the underlying data driving this conclusion. It turns out that Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe actually improved on President Joe Biden’s margin among black women (+78 for Biden compared to +87 for McAuliffe). But at the same time, McAuliffe’s support among black men fell off a cliff (+74 for Biden compared to +55 for McAuliffe).  This growing gender gap among blacks is also evident among Hispanics. A recent Wall Street Journal poll found that while a strong 55% of Hispanic women said they would vote for Biden in 2024, an even stronger 56% of Hispanic men said they would pull the lever for President Donald Trump. That 56% support among Hispanic men almost matches the 61% of white men who voted for Trump in 2020.  Why should anyone be surprised.  The Democratic Party only represents certain groups, and certain sub-groups.  And men, who happen to exist in America, have started to notice.

December 25, 2021